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We are your dealership alternative for quality BMW repair and maintenance.

At Norlang Auto we are your alternative to going to the dealership for all maintenance and repairs. We offer competitive pricing, quality service and a team that take pride in looking after every customer and their vehicle as if it was family. Our drive for personalized service, quality repairs at a competitive price has made us one of the top European Repair rated shops in the lower mainland.

We are well equipped to perform all required BMW repair and maintenance on your vehicle to satisfy the factory warranty. We are experienced in all major mechanical repairs, computer diagnostics. With the ability to communicate with all the BMW electronic systems and with our drive for problem solving, is why we have become the go to shop for BMWs. From simple warning lights to the most difficult drivability issues we have the specialty tools to make sure you only get the best quality repair done on your vehicle every time.

In addition, we have a direct Internet link to BMW, through which we are supplied with the same factory software updates that BMW dealerships get. We are able to code the OEM systems, including computers and modules that otherwise would have to be done at an authorized BMW dealer.

Driven to provide you with customer service you will love. Vehicle service that will keep your car driving like new for years to come, increasing the reliability and resale we know Norlang auto is the right choice for all of your BMW needs.

Listed below are a couple samples of the areas  we deal with on a regular basis. We have invested in more specialty tools than we could ever list. Making Norlang the prefered service center of many BMW owners.

Is your BMW is putting out a lot of smoke? Especially when idling? In traffic at stop lights? Bad oily burning smells?

One example of a well documented problem which often requires lengthy and expensive repairs at the dealership is leaking engine valve seals. Read more about how we can deal with your problem at a better cost and a faster timeframe. Book an appointment to have us take a look and start to save you money today.

Low coolant warning lights coming on? Having an issue with coolant leaks on your driveway? Having to top off fluids regularly?

One of the common areas in the V8 N62 engines is a cooling pipe running right through the middle of the engine. We have solutions such as replacing the Coolant Pipe that can save you a lot compared to what the dealership will charge. Book an appointment so we can take a look at your vehicle and start saving you money today!

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