Brakes & ABS

Your Trusted Brake Experts!

NOT Stopping is NOT an OPTION! When the most important system in your vehicle is not working correctly, you, your family and every other driver’s safety is at risk! If you hear noises or feel your car is not stopping as it should then bring it to us to have your vehicle’s brakes inspected and assessed correctly. When you have your vehicle’s brake repairs performed at Norlang Auto, you can be assured you will be getting the best quality, fastest stopping and longest-lasting brake repairs! We care about you and your family just like our own. That’s why we offer a warranty twice as long as most dealer repairs! Get Quality Work and Parts EVERY TIME!

Domestic and Import Vehicle Brakes

Trust ONLY The Best when it comes to your Domestica and Import vehicle’s brake system! At Norlang Auto, we have been providing the Lower Mainland with the expert brake service and repairs for over 20 years. Our brake specialists are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with any brake issue and any vehicle model’s brake system. What’s more, we have the most up to date brake inspection and diagnostic tools available so that an accurate diagnosis of every brake system is performed Right The First Time.

Car brakes while Children cross the road to a green traffic light.

European Vehicle Brakes

Car wheel and brake system. Red caliper, sport tire.

We always provide our European Vehicle customers with very high-quality components that have been produced with the highest available technology. As a result, your braking system will have:

  • Better cooling to eliminate fade
  • More stopping power
  • Enhanced pedal-feel
  • Higher resistance to noise and vibration
  • Lower-dust for cleaner wheels

Pick Up Truck Severe Duty Brakes

We will install Severe Duty brake components designed for the toughest of vehicles because they are your safest option when hauling heavy loads, towing or off-roading. When you are heading out with your family or friends, you will be able to drive with confidence when you have our Severe-Duty brakes installed on your tow vehicle. Improving heat resistance results in shorter stopping distance with the load. This will keep you and your family safe on your favorite trip!

ABS Specialists

Regular maintenance of the Anti-Lock Brake System can save lives! It’s one of the most important safety systems of your vehicle and any malfunction should be checked and dealt with immediately. Don’t ignore your ABS warning lamps! Visit Norlang Auto immediately where our brake specialists will diagnose and repair them.

We always advise our customers to keep safe and keep their ABS working properly with routine maintenance and brake repairs. This technology helps you avoid the risk of your wheels locking up and therefore offers greater steering control. It also brings your vehicle to a stop in the shortest distance possible when braking hard.

Our Commitment

We aim to keep all of our repairs at a fair price, the best quality, and all of our repairs are backed by our incredible 2-year, 30,000 km hassle-free warranty. With 10 full mechanical bays and friendly, accommodating staff, we are your one-stop-shop for Langley auto repair and service.