Mercedes SUV EGR Valve

mercedes suv egr valve

Your Mercedes SUV Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) valve controls the flow of exhaust gas through the EGR water-cooled heat exchanger intercooler to the charge air manifold. Intake air is mixed with the cooled exhaust gas to reduce nitrogen oxides (NOX). This valve should be cleaned regularly, depending on your mileage and driving habits.

Issues With EGR Valve

Unfortunately, these valves have frequent problems and may need to be replaced at about 100,000 kms. The EGR valves in a number of V6 models may develop issues at relatively low mileage but fortunately, many of the issues can be dealt with by simply re-calibrating the engine computer’s operating software. The EGR valve normally fails by either sticking in the open or closed position and depending on which position it sticks the symptoms will vary.

We Can Help

At Norlang Auto, our factory-trained technicians have the knowledge and experience to extend the life of your Mercedes SUV EGR valve.  The same symptoms that are related to a faulty EGR valve can also be caused by other parts of your Mercedes’ system. For example, poor engine performance due to a faulty EGR valve may be mistakenly attributed to problems caused by failures in the spark plugs, the spark plug wires, the fuel filter, the fuel pump regulator, and various engine sensors. Therefore, it is vital that the technicians diagnosing the problem have the experience and technical know-how so that you do not end up replacing parts unnecessarily and wasting time and money.

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