BMW V8 Engine N62 & N62-TU Valve Stem Seal Repair

smoking bmw valve stem seal repair

The Problem

Your BMW is smoking due to bad valve stem seals. The old valve stem seal becomes hard over time and doesn’t provide the proper seal between the seal and stem. This allows oil to pass through and enter the combustion chamber and exhaust. The oil consumption here is bad for a lot of different reasons. Not just the smoking, but also decreased catalytic converter life, fouling spark plugs, check engine light issues. Contact Norlang for BMW Valve Stem Seal Repair.

The Solution

Normally this problem is resolved by taking the engine out of the vehicle for expensive dismantling. The heads are then sent out for repairs. All very costly and taking up a lot of your time. We have a new modern kit to replace the Valve Stem Seal without removing the engine, cylinder heads, or cams. This repair will save you thousands of dollars over the dealer, extend the life of your vehicle, improve reliability and add significant resale value.

The Benefits

  1. Eliminates smoking from the exhaust
  2. Reduces risk of damaging cat converters and plugging the secondary air injection
  3. Keep annoying check engine light off
  4. Save money on expensive tune up parts
  5. We can do it for half the cost of what the Dealership charges — call us to ask!

Do you have a different engine or model? We have similar repair savings for many other European vehicles.