Mercedes SUV Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light

Like any other vehicle, when your Mercedes SUV Check Engine light is illuminated on the instrument panel, it could mean a number of things (sometimes trivial but sometimes serious), therefore it must be diagnosed accurately to avoid damaging any vital and expensive components. At Norlang Auto, our expert technicians will use the latest factory diagnostic tools to access the reasons why your Mercedes SUV Check Engine was activated.

Why The Warning Is Activated

Glow Plugs

One of the most common causes for the activation of the Mercedes SUV Check Engine light is bad or failing glow plugs whose purpose is to preheat, and help warm up your engine’s cylinders so that diesel combustion can occur more easily.  When the glow plugs are not functioning properly, they can usually cause problems with the driveability of the vehicle. Normally, bad or failing glow plugs will produce symptoms like engine misfires or a decrease in power and acceleration, hard starting and black smoke from the exhaust.

ERG Valve

Another possible cause could be the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve which controls the flow of exhaust gas through the EGR water-cooled heat exchanger intercooler to the charge air manifold.  This valve should be cleaned regularly, depending on your mileage and driving habits.

Other Issues

The warning light could also be activated due to something as minor as a loose gas cap but also more potentially serious issues like faulty temperature sensors, a damaged or loose boost hose, air charge cooler failure, or a malfunctioning swirl valve.  If left unchecked, these more serious issues could lead to significant and costly repairs. It is advisable that you visit or contact Norlang Auto as soon as possible to identify the reason for the activation of the Check Engine warning light.

We can help

At Norlang Auto, we are equipped with the latest diagnostics tools for all Mercedes SUVs in order to accurately diagnose the problems and ensure that your vehicle is repaired right the first time!

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