BMW Inspection 1

Scheduled Maintenance: BMW Inspection 1

Scheduled Maintenance Programs

Like all automakers, BMW created two recommended scheduled services, BMW Inspection 1 and Inspection 2 to help BMW owners maintain their vehicles in top running condition. In general, it’s expected that for every dollar you spend on preventative maintenance, you will most likely save $8 in repairs and replacement of parts.

At Norlang Auto, we are well equipped to perform all required BMW maintenance on your vehicle to satisfy the factory warranty. We are experienced in all major mechanical repairs and computer diagnostics. Our expert technician will ensure that Inspection 1 will be performed according to ALL BMW standards and guidelines. In order to satisfy the terms of your factory warranty we only use BMW factory approved parts and fluids.

The Scheduled Maintenance reminder message or light, which is found on most European and North American cars, should not be ignored since the manufacturers have designed their maintenance programs to help us get the most out of our vehicles.

Inspection 1

Inspection 1 is the smaller of the two inspection services and how often you need to do it depends on the model year of your vehicle. For BMWs manufactured before or during 1991, Inspection 1 is scheduled approximately every 50,000 kms. For models manufactured between 1992-1998 the Inspection is every 65,000 kms and for those after 1999 the first Inspection is at 50,000 kms and then every 95,000 kms (so the 2nd Inspection should be at 145,000 kms). This Inspection is designed to ensure that the safety systems are functioning correctly and that your vehicle is performing as it should be, therefore it’s important not to put it off until you start noticing that your vehicle is not performing well.


What is Included in Inspection 1:

Undercarriage (including Wheels & Tires)

A) Change Engine OIL and FILTER.

B) Check for LEAKS: transmission; rear axle; power steering; brakes lines; clutch; and fuel tank, lines and connections.

C) Check EXHAUST System: condition; position; and mounting.

D) Check BRAKE System Components: thickness of front and rear disc brake pads; brake disc surface; brake connectors and lines for damage or incorrect positioning; and clean brake pad contact points and calipers. Also check, parking cable and adjust parking brake if needed.

E) Check CLUTCH System: Connectors and Lines for damage and incorrect positioning.

F) Check Front Control Arm Bushings for wear and grease Wheel Center Hubs.

G) Check STEERING System: look for steering instabilities and malfunctions; and examine condition of suspension track rods, front axle joints, steering linkage, and joint disc.

H) Check TIRES: pressures of all tires, including spare, and correct it if necessary; tread wear, and pattern; and replace tires and re-adjust alignment as needed.

Engine Compartment/Under the Hood

A) Read out DIAGNOSTIC System Codes using Autologic Scanner.

B) Check FLUID LEVELS AND TOP OFF: Coolant, Anti-Freeze, Brake, Clutch and Windshield.

C) Check ENGINE COOLING System & HEATER hose connections for leaks.

D) Check AIR CONDITIONING System Freon level.

E) Check BATTERY & Efficiency of CHARGING System.

F) Check ALL Fitting Filler Caps & Seals.

G) Check condition of HOSES & BELTS.

H) Check INSTRUMENT PANEL Warning Lights and Reset Service Indicator.

Body & Interior

A) Check LIGHTING System: Headlights, Foglights, Parking, Turn Signals, Hazard Warning Flashers, Warning/Indicator Lights, Brake Lights, All Interior Lights, Instrument Panel & Dashboard Illumination and Luggage Compartment Lights.

B) Check WIPER/ WASHER Systems: Wiper Blades & Washer Jet.

C) Check SAFETY Belts & Visually examine the SRS Airbag Units.

D) Oil TRUNK, HOOD, and DOOR hinges & Grease hood, trunk and door latches.


F) Replace microfilter in HVAC system.

G) Check HEATER/AC blower, rear window defogger.


Final Test

Take the vehicle for a test drive in order to check: Brakes, Suspension, Steering and transmission.

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