Starting Charging & Electrical Systems

Has your car battery gone dead or are you experiencing starting problems? Do you have a charge or battery light on? Electrical Systems working? Does your car not do anything when you turn the key? We can help!

The starting and charging system is a critical part of your vehicle. Without a sufficiently charged battery, or a fully functioning alternator, your vehicle may not start. Norlang Auto has the proper diagnostic tools and staff to accurately diagnose starter and electrical system problems. In addition, the professional technicians can run additional tests when necessary, on computer systems and the associated electrical systems in the vehicle. After the diagnosis, we can repair your any problems that may have been identified by using quality parts to ensure reliable service for the life of your vehicle.

Related Services

Just a few of the many starting/charging and electrical system services we offer:

  • Starting & charging system diagnosis
  • Battery replacement
  • Starter replacement
  • Alternator replacement
  • Battery cable repair/replacement
  • Wiring repair
  • Computer reprogramming

Contact Norlang Auto Repair specialists for your starter, charging or electrical systems problems and we’ll get you going again.