Transmission & Drive Line

Both the automatic transmission (in addition to the torque converter) and a manual transmission accomplish the same goal. They do it unique ways though. Norlang Auto and the staff of trained technicians is able to solve some of the most difficult transmission repair issues that a vehicle may have. Being in business for more than 20 years, they have established a reputation for being the “go-to” shop for quality repair.

Transmission Repair

The main goal of the transmission in all automobiles is to allow a vehicle’s engine to operate in a small range of speeds but have the ability to produce a wide range of driving speeds. The drive line in a vehicle is directly related to this because it allows for the engine’s torque to be translated into a car’s wheels moving.

With a staff that is continually training and staying up to date with the latest innovations in transmissions and drive lines, Norlang has the unique ability to properly diagnose and solve many of the transmission and drive line problems that drivers may have.

If you are experiencing transmission issues or need transmission repair, call 604-337-1515 or contact us online!