Experiencing Issues With Your Air Suspension?

Today, more and more cars and trucks are equipped with air suspension systems which provide us with a more comfortable ride, better handling and superior weight management, especially if we drive an SUV or truck. Even though air suspensions are a premium feature of European and Domestic luxury vehicles, they

Can Your Car Battery Handle Cold Weather?

Does your car battery lose its power when temperatures begin to drop? Does your car struggle to start or stall halfway to your destination? Chemical Processes Inside Your Car Battery Normally, we don’t have noticeable issues with our car batteries in warmer weather since the heat speeds up the chemical

Getting Your Car Road Trip Ready for Summer

Like most Canadians, Lower Mainland residents can’t wait for summer to arrive so we can begin our road trips across Canada and the US. It’s a great way to visit and enjoy spectacular landmarks, amusement parks, beaches, lakes, mountains and more. Of course, it’s also a great opportunity to spend

Is Your Vehicle’s A/C System Ready for Summer?

There is nothing worse than getting in your car on a hot summer day and finding out that your air conditioning or “climate control” system only blows lukewarm air. Before you have to face such a nerve-racking scenario, you should make sure your A/C system is working properly, especially if

Lower Mainland’s Jeep Service & Repair Specialist Shop

At Norlang Auto, we have been providing our Lower Mainland Jeep customers with expert service and repairs since we first opened in 1998. Jeeps have always been popular in British Columbia because, as the world’s first SUV (Willys Jeep), it has been designed to take you anywhere, on city roads

Norlang’s Trusted Dodge Service and Repairs

In 1900, the brothers Horace and John Dodge founded the company as an automobile parts manufacturer. However, in 1914, they decided to design and produce their own vehicles which were quite popular and gave Ford a run for his money. In 1928, after the death of both Dodge brothers, the

Lower Mainland’s Most Trusted Toyota Service and Repairs

Toyota’s Meteoric Rise Toyota is currently the world’s largest automaker with a reputation for producing reliable, high-quality automobiles at reasonable prices.  It began manufacturing automobiles in the early 1930s. However, during the period between WWII and the late 1950s, it mainly produced trucks and buses. It wasn’t until the 1970s,

Norlang’s Trusted Ram Truck Service and Repairs

Ram Truck owners are amongst the most demanding vehicle owners. They are “real truck” owners who expect their heavy-duty vehicles to perform exactly as the manufacturer intends them to. These trucks are not only designed to work hard but also provide you with superb ride quality, luxury and comfort, as

5 Common Car Fluid Leaks

We usually begin to notice car fluid leaks when our automobiles get older and we start neglecting them. It’s not unusual though, even for relatively new vehicles to leak fluid for numerous reasons. Car fluid leaks, however, are not only an eyesore on our driveways or parking areas, they are also

Norlang’s Trusted Chrysler Service and Repairs

Chrysler has been providing North America with quality luxury vehicles at reasonable prices since it was founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925. Chrysler vehicles have always been regarded as affordable considering the complexity and precision of the engineering that goes into them. Chrysler vehicles have been popular in North America,