Experiencing Issues With Your Air Suspension?

Today, more and more cars and trucks are equipped with air suspension systems which provide us with a more comfortable ride, better handling and superior weight management, especially if we drive an SUV or truck.

air suspension warning lightEven though air suspensions are a premium feature of European and Domestic luxury vehicles, they do have issues. 

If your vehicle is equipped with an air suspension system and you have noticed:

  • Sagging in the front or rear end
  • When you first your car in the morning, you need to wait for the suspension to lift
  • Hear your compressor constantly buzzing
  • Air suspension warning light is illuminated on the dashboard

Then you need to address these issues immediately in order to prevent more serious and costly damage. 

Causes of Air Suspension Issues

The air suspension warning light can be activated for a variety of reasons. It could be that the switch that turns on the air suspension is “OFF.” It could also be illuminated if the compressor isn’t working properly to provide the right amount of air to the airbags. Also, it may be due to a leak in one of the airbags which will result in a lower ride height. However, before any repairs are undertaken, your height sensors should be checked. It is possible that the height sensors can malfunction and give your vehicle’s computer a false reading which can result in the warning light being illuminated.

What You Should Do If Your Air Suspension Warning Light Is Activated

Vehicle manufacturers like VW advise their customers to take immediate action since your vehicle’s handling, stability, and ground clearance may be affected. They recommend that you drive carefully and slowly to an authorized repair shop to have the system examined. 

At Norlang Auto, we have highly trained and experienced technicians, as well as the proper equipment to diagnose, repair or replace your air suspension system. When this warning light comes on, the computer saves a code to identify any issues that have been detected. We have the tools to identify the code and ensure the correct repairs are done and done right the first time.

Why Visit Norlang Auto For Your Air Suspension Repairs?

We are proud that our Norlang Auto technicians have the qualifications, experience and right tools to diagnose and repair any air suspension issues on any vehicle. If your air suspension warning light has come on or if you’ve noticed excessive wheel play and swaying of the vehicle body, come and see us for an evaluation of your air suspension system.

Highest Quality Parts

At Norlang Auto, we use the same Arnott Air Suspension parts as your local dealer. Arnott has been a leader in engineering and manufacturing quality replacement air suspension products and accessories for car manufacturers like Audi, Bentley, BMW, Jaguar, GM, Mercedes, Lexus, Porsche, and Volkswagen for three decades. We buy the parts directly from Arnott in order to save you money.

Experienced Technicians

Our Langley Auto Repair Center, equipped with the same state of the art technology you’ll find at any dealer and with 10 full mechanical bays, has made us your one-stop-shop for repairs and service. Best of all, we always offer competitive prices, and our commitment to excellence and our customer loyalty are a testament to our work.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our concern with providing complete customer satisfaction is reflected in our incredible 2-year, 30,000 km hassle-free warranty. We don’t just say that our customers are part of our family, we believe it. Therefore, we make sure that we keep their vehicles running in top condition for as long as possible and always work within their budget.

For more information about how Norlang Auto can assist you with your air suspension issues, you can visit us, call us at 604-337-1515 or book an appointment online now.