Norlang’s Trusted Chrysler Service and Repairs

Chrysler VehiclesChrysler has been providing North America with quality luxury vehicles at reasonable prices since it was founded by Walter Chrysler in 1925. Chrysler vehicles have always been regarded as affordable considering the complexity and precision of the engineering that goes into them. Chrysler vehicles have been popular in North America, but now Chrysler aims to expand into the foreign market by engineering a new generation of vehicles with an emphasis on fuel-efficiency.

Why We Are Your Chrysler Dealership Alternative

Since 1998, Norlang Auto Repair Langley has been proud to be Lower Mainland’s dealership alternative for top quality Chrysler service and repairs. Our highly qualified and well-trained technicians are your Chrysler vehicle specialists who make sure that your Chrysler runs safely and efficiently.

At Norlang Auto, we provide preventative maintenance, repairs, and diagnostics on the entire line of Chrysler vehicles and you can be certain that your Chrysler is in good hands and will be back on the road in no time. Our certified technicians can conduct all scheduled maintenance needed, as well as any major and minor repairs. Our decades of experience in servicing and repairing Chryslers and our technicians’ up-to-date knowledge of current Chrysler technology and equipment will ensure that your Chrysler will always be in top condition. What’s more, we always offer competitive prices, and our commitment to excellence and our customer loyalty are a testament to our work.

The team at Norlang Auto has always been concerned with customer satisfaction which is why provide our customers genuine quality Chrysler service and our incredible 2-year, 30,000 km hassle free warranty. Our customers are treated as part of our family and we ensure them that we will keep their vehicles running in top condition for as long as possible and always work within their budget.

Servicing Your Chrysler

Norlang Auto’s knowledgeable and friendly staff have always been willing and able to answer any questions our Chrysler customers may have had and to help them schedule any service or repairs needed.  By encouraging our Chrysler customers to bring their vehicles in when they are approaching their factory recommended mileage intervals for their Chrysler service, we aim to identify minor signs of wear and tear that can be detected and addressed before these issues develop into a safety hazard or costly repairs.

If your Chrysler vehicle hasn’t been serviced for some time, we recommend that you visit Norlang Auto where our mechanics can diagnose your vehicle’s condition, informing you of any issues that may lead to problems. By scheduling your Chrysler for regular maintenance and prompt expert repairs, you ensure that it will perform like new. Naturally, our customers can be assured that we use premium auto parts that meet or exceed the OEM parts. We buy the same parts used by Chrysler dealers directly from the manufacturer in order to save you money!

For more information about what Norlang Auto can do for your Chrysler vehicle, you can call us at 604-337-1515 or book an appointment online now.