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There is no doubt about it that when it comes to luxury high-performance vehicles, Porsche stands apart from the rest. Although it is a European supercar, all its models are rather practical and a pleasure to drive, even in city traffic. It’s also often remarked that a Porsche is more

Lower Mainland’s Most Trusted Mazda Vehicle Service and Repairs

Mazda is one of the few automakers which has managed to combine affordability and high performance. Mazda’s Brand Essence is “Celebrate Driving” and over the years, it’s high-quality array of SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and trucks have consistently combined style, performance, and economy. Mazda’s Early Beginnings Mazda began as “The Toyo

Turbochargers: More Power – Lower Fuel Consumption

When turbochargers first appeared in the 1980s, they were considered loud, fast and likely to blow out and destroy weak engines. Fortunately, times have changed and so have turbochargers. Today, turbochargers are used in almost every type of automobile. According to  RNR Market Research, the automotive turbocharger market is projected

Jaguar: The Cars That Never Fail To Impress

A Jaguar By Any Other Name The first Jaguar automobile, the SS Jaguar 100, made its first appearance in 1935. It was produced by S.S. Cars Limited, a company formed by Sir William Lyons, also known as “Mr. Jaguar.” In 1945, Sir William Lyons and his shareholders decided to change

Your Premier Lexus Service & Repair Shop in The Lower Mainland Since 1998

The Lexus slogans “The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection” and “Experience Amazing” are representative of the most appealing and sporty vehicle models ever produced by any major vehicle manufacturer. Lexus is Toyota’s luxury vehicle division and sells its premium cars to over 70 countries worldwide. Initially, in 1983, Lexus was marketed

#1 Volvo Car Service & Repair Shop in Lower Mainland

From Ball Bearing To Luxury Vehicles In 1915, Volvo was initially established as a ball bearing manufacturer. However, on the 14th of April 1927, in Gothenburg, Sweden, the world was introduced to the company’s first car series, the Volvo ÖV 4. At the time, Assar Gabrielsson was the managing director

Norlang’s Trusted Dodge Service and Repairs

In 1900, the brothers Horace and John Dodge founded the company as an automobile parts manufacturer. However, in 1914, they decided to design and produce their own vehicles which were quite popular and gave Ford a run for his money. In 1928, after the death of both Dodge brothers, the

Lower Mainland’s Most Trusted Toyota Service and Repairs

Toyota’s Meteoric Rise Toyota is currently the world’s largest automaker with a reputation for producing reliable, high-quality automobiles at reasonable prices.  It began manufacturing automobiles in the early 1930s. However, during the period between WWII and the late 1950s, it mainly produced trucks and buses. It wasn’t until the 1970s,

Norlang’s Trusted Ram Truck Service and Repairs

Ram Truck owners are amongst the most demanding vehicle owners. They are “real truck” owners who expect their heavy-duty vehicles to perform exactly as the manufacturer intends them to. These trucks are not only designed to work hard but also provide you with superb ride quality, luxury and comfort, as