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Mazda Vehicle Steering wheelMazda is one of the few automakers which has managed to combine affordability and high performance. Mazda’s Brand Essence is “Celebrate Driving” and over the years, it’s high-quality array of SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, and trucks have consistently combined style, performance, and economy.

Mazda’s Early Beginnings

Mazda began as “The Toyo Cork Kogyo Company” in 1920 in Hiroshima, Japan. It initially used the name “Mazda” for its first three-wheeled truck, built in 1931. The word “Mazda” was chosen because it was the name of the Zoroastrian god of good and light. Development of the first Mazda passenger vehicle began in the late 1930s. However, this car never went into production since the company focused on helping Japan with the war effort. It wasn’t until 1960, that the first Mazda 2-door passenger car came into production– the R360 coupe. In the 1960s, it also introduced its first pickup, the B-Series 1500, as well as its first rotary-engine vehicle, the 110S Cosmo Sport.

Exporting The Mazda Vehicle Philosophy

In 1970, Mazda began exporting its vehicles to the USA. It soon gained a reputation as an automaker that produced cars that were affordable and fun to drive. During the ‘70s, the world was also introduced to the RX-3, RX-4 and the iconic rotary-powered RX-7 sports car.

Mazda’s Present and “Human-Centric” Future

During the new millennium, Mazda has begun investing in new development. Its new models like the Mazda 2 and CX-9, RX-8 and Mazdaspeed have attracted a new generation of buyers. Its goal is to produce “cars that combine the joy of driving with outstanding environmental and safety performance.” Mazda believes that modern cars should be fuel-efficient, fun to drive and above all affordable. Additionally, its new design philosophy is based on what Mazda calls the “Human-Centric Approach” which aims to design cars that adapt to the driver and not the other way around, as it’s the case with most automobile manufacturers. The vehicles that are designed using this approach should have a comfortable driving environment that enables drivers to accurately feel their car’s response and smoothly operate it.

Norlang Auto Services All Mazda Vehicle Models

At Norlang Auto, we have been repairing and servicing all Mazda vehicle models since 1998. Our technicians have the training and skills to service and repair any Mazda model that comes through our Langley service doors. Our technical knowledge and well-equipped service centre can deal with any issue for all models including the Mazda3, Mazda6, CX-3, CX5, CX-9, MX-5 and RX-8.

Lower Mainland’s Mazda Service Specialists

We can proudly claim that we have been providing exceptionally high-quality services to all our Mazda customers since 1998. Our technicians’ training and experience, along with our state of the art auto repair facility ensure that your Mazda vehicle will receive the attention it needs to run like new. What’s more, we have always made certain that our customers are kept informed and educated about proactively maintaining their vehicles.

Recommended Service Schedule

In order to maintain your Mazda vehicle in peak performance, you must service it regularly. Following your Mazda servicing schedule, you will not only ensure that it runs well but also maintain your manufacturer warranty and resale value since interested buyers normally want to examine your vehicle’s service history.

Mazda recommends that you service your vehicle every year or every 20,000 kilometres (whichever comes first). Naturally, how frequently you need to service your vehicle can also depend on how you drive and where you drive. Our technicians can recommend the best service schedule specific to you. It should be noted that driving in towns with traffic can put more strain on your vehicle, therefore it is best to service it more frequently.

Additionally, you need to keep in mind that there some items, such as brake fluid, that age through time as well as mileage. Consequently, an annual service, regardless of mileage, is important to deal with these and ensure your car is running in top condition.

Why We Are Your Mazda Dealership Alternative

At Norlang Auto Repair Langley, we have been servicing, repairing and maintaining all Mazda vehicle models for 20 years. As a result, our technicians have become specialists in servicing and repairing your Mazda. The latest training and best equipment help our technicians provide Mazda owners with the best repair and maintenance in the Lower Mainland. Moreover, we always offer competitive prices, and our commitment to excellence and our customer loyalty are a testament to our work.

Our concern with providing complete customer satisfaction is reflected in our incredible 2-year, 30,000 km hassle free warranty. We don’t just say that our customers are part of our family, we believe it. Therefore, we make sure that we keep their vehicles running in top condition for as long as possible and always work within their budget.

Our customers are also assured that we use premium auto parts that meet or exceed the OEM parts. We buy the same parts used by Mazda dealers directly from the manufacturer in order to save you money!

For more information about what Norlang Auto can do for your Mazda vehicle, you can call us at (604) 888-8681 or book an appointment online now.