Top 3 Winter Maintenance Tips for Your Vehicle During Fall

It may seem odd to offer winter maintenance tips during fall; but with the snow set to fall next week already – tis the season!

Our Langley auto care centre is ready to help with all of your preventative maintenance or repairs, ensuring you are ready to drive into winter safely.

Top 3 Winter Maintenance Tips

So what are the 3 winter maintenance tips we think should top your list?

1. Winter Emergency Kit

We collectively learned a lot during the pandemic. Perhaps topping the list for many, is ensuring you are prepared for anything.

Having a winter emergency kit in your vehicle is one such way to ensure you’re prepared for a variety of reasons. From being stranded on a mountain pass, to helping someone else in. need.

Click here to see a full list of what you may want to consider carrying.

2. Winter (or equivalent) Tires

We recently wrote about Tire Sales in Langley: It’s That Time of Year Again!, stating that…

At Norlang Auto Repair, we stock a selection of Passenger, Performance, Light Truck and SUV tires, from premium to economy. Our aim is to provide tire sales & service to fit everyone’s needs and budget. If we don’t have the tires you are looking for in stock, we will likely have them in our warehouse only 20 minutes away.

Whether you require new M+S tires, or more hardy winter tires; winter-equivalent tires are an imperative safety feature for your vehicle, which we can help you with.

3.     Wiper Blade Replacement

As simple as it may sound, replacing your wiper blades should be a ‘top-of-list’ item for your winter maintenance. Let’s face it; the Lower Mainland is riddled with rain nearly 10 months of the year, so having effective wiper blades is essential for safe driving.

Seeking Preventative Auto Maintenance in Langley?

As discussed on our blog ‘Langley Auto Care: Better Prevent Repairs with Car Maintenance’…

As a Langley auto care facility, Norlang Auto is well-versed in preventing repairs and prolonging a vehicle’s lifespan with regular car maintenance.

In addition, following a vehicle’s maintenance schedule can ensure your warranty is maintained, as well as improve your car’s resale value with paperwork to back it up.

So what maintenance should you be staying on top of? Click to find out.

Norlang Auto is pleased to help our Langley community with all of their maintenance needs regardless of the season, and look forward to assisting you soon!