Tire Sales in Langley: It’s That Time of Year Again!

It’s that time of year again; tire changeover season. And Norlang Auto can help ensure you’re prepared with our Tire Sales in Langley – along with tire service and storage.

Tire Sales in Langley

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At Norlang Auto Repair, we stock a selection of Passenger, Performance, Light Truck and SUV tires, from premium to economy. Our aim is to provide tire sales & service to fit everyone’s needs and budget. If we don’t have the tires you are looking for in stock, we will likely have them in our warehouse only 20 minutes away.

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Tire Safety

We understand that your tires are an important safety feature of your vehicle, and having the right tires for the season matters. In addition, having M&S tires (at minimum) as required by law for mountain passes in BC, will ensure you are able for unexpected travel, without the interruption of last minute winter tire installations.

Fuel Consumption & Your Tire Care

Beyond installing winter tires as needed, having a flat fixed or your tires rotated are services we also offer.

When it comes to tire pressure, not having your tires properly inflated can minimize their life expectancy. As well, an underinflated tire can cost you more in fuel – up to 4% more in fact. And with the rising cost of fuel and living expenses overall, finding ways to save matters, and Norlang Auto can help!

Tire Brands We Carry Include…

Seeking Tire Storage?

Beyond Tire Sales in Langley, when you purchase your tires with us, Norlang Auto’s will store your off-season tires for FREE for the first season. Every season thereafter is only $75 per seasonal changeover. 

Our Tire Storage Package Includes:

  • Full Reminder program with Priority booking
  • No wheels/tires transport hassles
  • Free up space at home
  • Damage-free to your vehicle
  • Prevents aches from lifting
  • Stored on-site with 24-hour security
  • Tires labeled under your name
  • Tire depth and DOT numbers recorded

Curious to know more? The Canadian Rubber Association has a great web page and some fun videos to show you how to take care of your tires.

Seeking EV Tire Repairs & Service? We have that too!

Feel free to stop by Norlang Auto to inquire about our Tire Sales in Langley. We look forward to ensuring your vehicle is well-prepared for the weather and road conditions ahead.