Langley Auto Care: Better Prevent Repairs with Car Maintenance

As a Langley auto care facility, Norlang Auto is well-versed in preventing repairs and prolonging a vehicle’s lifespan with regular car maintenance.

In addition, following a vehicle’s maintenance schedule can ensure your warranty is maintained, as well as improve your car’s resale value with paperwork to back it up.

So what maintenance should you be staying on top of? Allow us to share…

Langley Auto Care – General Maintenance

Beyond a vehicles 30k/60k km maintenance recommendations, your general maintenance schedule plays an important role in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. It helps to manage fuel efficiency and ensures your vehicle is operating safely on the road.

Such general maintenance includes:

  • Tire pressure checks
  • Oil changes
  • Fluid checks

30,000 Km Maintenance

Once your vehicle hits the 30-40km range, there are further recommendations for maintenance. These include…

Air Filter Change – depending on your driving habits and how much dust or pollution your vehicle is driving through daily, having your air filter changed ensures your engine is getting the right flow of air. This keeps everything the right temperature and humming along as it should.

Fuel Filter Change – a clogged fuel filter will cause your engine to work harder and run more roughly – or, eventually, not at all. A pressure test can detect fuel filter change needs – something our Langley auto care service centre is happy to help with.

60,000 Km Maintenance

As you move into the 60k km range, more parts should be taken into consideration for maintenance. These include your vehicles…

Battery – depending on how ravaged it was during cold winter months, or the age of your vehicle and whether or not you ran your vehicle for long or short period of time – are all factors in the longevity of your battery. That being said, batteries normally last between 4 and 5 years, and a simple battery check can uncover the current condition of your battery.

Brake Fluid – having your brake fluid flushed and replaced can help prevent it from turning from a fluid to a gas. As strange as it sounds – this can happen when your brake fluid becomes contaminated by water, resulting in your braking system feeling ‘soft’ when trying to brake. It’s both a safety concern, as well as an overall driveability issue to have your brake fluid, pads and shoes changed around the 60k mark.

Other fluids to check include your coolant and transmission fluid, and maintaining these types of maintenance visits will help you go a long way, prevent unnecessary repairs, and keep you driving safely on the road for years to come.

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