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Norlang Auto offers a number of specialized services for your vehicle. Below is just a few listed. These can save you time and money as compared to going to the dealership. Call Norlang Auto, your dealership alternative for specialty auto services.

Walnut Blasting: Carbon Cleaning

Walnut Blasting is the process of sandblasting to remove carbon build-up or carbonizing that occurs in the intake tract and valves. The walnut powder is used much like sand in the process, but walnut shell powder is much less abrasive than sand and won’t damage your engine.

Specialty Auto Services walnut blasting after
Specialty Auto Services walnut blasting before

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BMW Oil Burning Issues with V8 engine.  Valve Stem Seal Repair

Your BMW is smoking due to bad valve stem seals. The old valve stem seal becomes hard over time and doesn’t provide the proper seal between the seal and stem. Normally this problem is resolved by taking the engine out of the vehicle for expensive dismantling.


We have a new modern kit to replace the Valve Stem Seal without removing the engine, cylinder heads, or cams. This repair will save you thousands of dollars over the dealer, extend the life of your vehicle, improve reliability and add significant resale value.

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BMW V8 Coolant Leaks N62 & N62-Engines

The rubber seal on the aluminum cooling tube has failed and coolant is leaking into the back area of the engine timing cover and out of the hole. This can lead to overheating and major engine damage! This problem can be resolved by installing a custom-designed collapsible cooling tube. Our experienced technicians can install the tube and seals in a much shorter time, saving you hours of labour costs.

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Call Norlang Auto Repair Langley, your dealership alternative for specialty auto services like walnut blasting, valve stem repair or coolant leaks. Please call us at 604-337-1515 or book an appointment online.