Fluid Leaks

Fluid leaks from your vehicle can be alarming. When you have a fluid leak it should be addressed as soon as possible by a professional. Having fluid leaks inspected early can prevent costly damage to vital parts of your vehicle. Fluid leaks are also very harmful to our environment. Did you know 1 drop of motor oil can pollute up to 1 million drops of water!  At Norlang Auto we are fluid leak repair experts.

With Over 20 years of servicing vehicles from high-end BMW and Mercedes to your everyday commuters, we can help solve your fluid leaks today!

If you are a resident of a condominium, townhouse, or other strata property, car leaks can also result in warnings and fines. In order to keep parking areas clean and safe, condominium associations have created strict rules or bylaws which penalize owners whose vehicles are leaking fluids. You need to be aware of parking rules and restrictions set by your board/association.

At Norlang Auto, our expert technicians are able to properly diagnose any leak issue your vehicle may be experiencing and repair it as quickly as possible. Most importantly, we will help you avoid potentially costly repairs and serious safety issues.

Common Vehicle Leak Issues

Antifreeze/Coolant Leaks

If your cooling system is leaking, you should notice a clearish fluid with slightly greasy feel to it.  Today’s coolants come in all colours , yellows, greens, pinks, reds, purple and blue are common. If you have a coolant leak, you may notice fluid underneath the front area of your engine near the radiator. [Read More]

Engine Oil Leaks

If your engine is leaking oil, you should notice a brownish-blackish greasy stain beneath the front half of your vehicle. In wet conditions, you will notice rainbow colours. [Read More]

Transmission Fluid & Transfer Case Leaks

If your transmission or transfer case is leaking, you will normally find the leaks in the middle to center areas of the vehicle. These fluid leaks, commonly red in colour, can also be amber or blue due to the vast number of specialty fluids being used today.  It’s vital to have these types of leaks investigated as soon as possible to prevent damage. [Read More]

Power Steering Fluid Leaks

If your steering system is leaking, you should notice an amber, reddish or light brown thin stain underneath the front of your vehicle. [Read More]

Differential Leaks

If your differential housing is leaking fluid, you should notice a very thick honey coloured (if the fluid has been recently added) or greyish (if it is relatively old) underneath your vehicle’s differential or differentials, in the case of most all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles. [Read More]

Brake Fluid Leaks

If your vehicle is leaking brake fluid, you should notice a clear to brown or a slightly yellowish slick stain near a wheel. [Read More]

Fuel Leaks

If you have a fuel leak, the fuel on the ground will look colourless but in the case of diesel, you may notice a bluish colour. The easiest way though to identify a fuel leak is by its smell. Unlike other fluid leaks, it can occur at any point underneath your vehicle since the fuel line runs from the fuel tank, which is usually located in the rear, to the engine in the front. [Read More]

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