Coolant Leaks

Antifreeze or coolant leaks are one of the most common fluid vehicle leaks. However, as with all car leaks, you need to repair it as soon as possible or you risk running into expensive repairs. The coolant fluid regulates your engine temperature by circulating a coolant and water mixture under pressure through pipes throughout your engine and radiator. If it is not dealt with promptly, it can result in your engine overheating and your car stalling, leaving you stranded.

Identifying Coolant Leaks

If you have a coolant leak, you may notice a stain or puddle under your vehicle. Coolants today can be a clearish fluid with a yellow, green, pink, red, purple or even blue colour depending on your vehicle manufacture. You may also notice your cars warning lights or temperature gauge illuminated or that your car’s coolant reservoir tank does not contain as much coolant as it should or that your car begins to overheat.

The Most Common Causes of Coolant Leaks

External Leaks

External leaks are easy to identify since large quantities of coolant leak out which are easy to spot. The leaks could be the result of a hole in the radiator, split/broken hose or due to a damaged water pump, heater core or engine freeze plugs. It is possible for your coolant reservoir to crack and slowly leak coolant, which may not necessarily cause your car to overheat, but you’ll most likely notice stains under your car.

Radiator Cap Leaks

Your radiator cap can allow coolant to escape if it is loose since the radiator is a pressurized system. If the cap is not properly closed or has been damaged somehow, you will lose pressure and experience a leak which may only be detected by conducting a pressure test of the radiator cap.

Internal Leaks

Internal leaks don’t normally cause stains or puddles under your car. You are most likely to suspect such leaks if you notice that you need to refill your coolant tank on a regular basis. These types of leaks usually occur in the head, block or from a leaky head gasket.

Please note that aside from your car overheating and possibly damaging vital engine parts, you need to repair coolant leaks because the fluid has a sweet smell and attracts animals. Antifreeze coolant is extremely toxic to animals (and humans). For more information about coolant leaks, you can visit Norlang Auto Service Centre, call us at (604) 888-8681 or book an appointment online now.