Domestic and Import Vehicle Brake Experts

We Are Here To Keep You Safe

Female pressing brake pedalAt Norlang Auto, we take brakes seriously. We know that NOT stopping is not an option! When you hear noises or feel your car is not stopping as it should then bring it to us to have your vehicle’s brakes inspected and assessed correctly.

We know how much you rely on your vehicle to get you and your family safe and sound to your destination. Of course, city driving, especially if you use your car daily to commute to work, get groceries, pick up the kids from school or music lessons, means that your brakes will wear down faster than you may realize. That’s why since 1998, we have provided the highest quality brake service and repairs at competitive prices.

Your Dealership Brake Service & Repair Alternative

At Norlang, we use the same high-quality inspection tools as your local domestic and import dealerships. But our expert brake technicians take our brake service and repairs to a higher level by taking digital photos or videos through the entire inspection process. That way, you see what we are seeing in real-time regarding your vehicle’s braking system. No guessing or having to “just trust us” – we show you what’s truly wrong with your car!

We Put You In the Driver’s Seat

We will send the inspection with pictures to your phone, tablet or PC in order to provide you with a better understanding of your braking system’s condition. As a result, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your car’s braking system service and repairs.

Get Quality Brake Parts

new brake partsQuality parts every time! We source brakes from the same companies that make the brakes for your car manufacturer. Names like Brembo, Zimmerman, ATE, Bendix are all companies that build brakes for car companies. We go directly to them to get the best quality and pricing for your vehicle.

When you have your domestic and import car brake repairs performed at Norlang Auto you can be assured you will be getting the best quality, fastest stopping and longest-lasting brake repairs! We care about you and your family just like our own. That why we offer a warranty twice as long as most dealer repairs! Get Quality Work and Parts EVERY TIME!

For more information about brake maintenance and repairs for your domestic or import vehicles, you can visit us, call us at (604) 888-8681 or book an appointment online now.