Air Suspension & Air Spring Repairs for Your Truck

If you are seeking an alternative to higher priced dealerships for your Air Suspension & Air Spring Repairs for Your Truck – you have come to the right place!

Our professional technicians are highly trained and experienced to handle a wide range of services and repairs. From light trucks to medium duty vehicles, our comprehensive services include transmission services, exhaust systems, diesel engine repairs and more. 

The Importance of an Air Suspension Check

There are many reasons why an air suspension check is important. Some of which include:

Safety … as a faulty air suspension can negatively impact stability, handling and braking.

Comfort …ensuring a smooth ride

Load Bearing …allowing your truck to handle a heavy load capacity

‘Lift’ Safety …keeping you vehicle functioning correctly after altering installing a lift kit

Regular inspections and maintenance by trained professionals will ensure that your air suspension system operates reliably and efficiently. We can help with that!

Air Suspension & Air Spring Repairs for Your Truck

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Have you noticed that your vehicle is sagging in the front or rear? Do you come out in the morning and wait for the suspension to lift? Do you hear your compressor buzzing all the time? If you have any of these issues or Air Suspension System warning light has been activated, you need to visit Norlang Auto as soon as possible to prevent damage! Have your air suspension system inspected by the experts who have the qualifications, experience, and tools to ensure your vehicle provides you with the superior ride quality you’ve come to expect. 

We understand that a heavy duty truck is a high-cost investment, so we ensure that the parts we provide are of the highest quality. And we do so while keeping our pricing competitive and in-line with your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Our premium air shocks are supplied by Arnott Inc.® – which exceed most OEM manufactures quality and warranty. In addition, we provide a 2-year, 30,000 km hassle-free warranty.

For more information about air suspension and spring repairs call us at (604) 888-8681 or book an appointment online. We look forward to serving you!