Air Suspension & Air Spring Repairs

Your Dealer Alternative for Air Suspension and Air Spring Repairs

air suspension warning lightHave you noticed that your vehicle is sagging in the front or rear? Do you come out in the morning and wait for the suspension to lift? Do you hear your compressor buzzing all the time?  If you have any of these issues or Air Suspension System warning light has been activated, you need to visit Norlang Auto as soon as possible to prevent damage! Have your air suspension system inspected by the experts who have the qualifications, experience, and tools to ensure your vehicle provides you with the superior ride quality you’ve come to expect. 

Lower Mainland’s Expert Air Suspension Technicians

At Norlang Auto, we have highly trained and experienced technicians, as well as the proper equipment to diagnose, repair or replace your air suspension system. 

If you drive a luxury high performance European or Domestic vehicle, it is important to have a solid air suspension system to maintain the ride quality and overall safety of your car. Our expert technicians will perform a detailed inspection and quality service on your system to ensure that you will enjoy a smooth, relaxing ride whenever you drive your vehicle.

Only the Highest Quality Air Suspension Parts

Our Norlang Auto customers have always received the highest quality parts at competitive prices because we buy our parts directly from the same companies that manufacture your vehicle’s parts.  

In order to maintain your vehicle’s superior handling, ride comfort, and longevity, we use the same top-quality air shocks that almost all carmakers use. One example is our premium air shocks supplied by Arnott Inc.®. These parts are designed and engineered in the U.S.A. and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Exceeding most OEM manufactures quality and warranty! 

Our concern with providing complete customer satisfaction is reflected in our incredible 2-year, 30,000 km hassle-free warranty. We don’t just say that our customers are part of our family, we believe it. Therefore, we make sure that we keep their vehicles running in top condition for as long as possible and always work within their budget.

For more information about air suspension and spring repairs, you can visit us, call us at 604-337-1513 or book an appointment online now.