Langley Transmission Service: Improve the Performance & Lifespan of Your Vehicle

Whether you drive an automatic or manual vehicle, our Langley transmission service will ensure it maintains both the performance and lifespan it’s intended to year after year.

At Norlang Auto, we pride ourselves on being a locally owned and run business, helping our customers manage complex auto concerns and luxury vehicle maintenance schedules – all at affordable prices.

With trained technicians who seek to solve even the most difficult transmission concerns, many auto owners seek out our over 2-decades of auto care services here in Langley, and the surrounding communities.

Langley Transmission Service

As mentioned on our Langley transmission service and repairs page

The main goal of the transmission in all automobiles is to allow a vehicle’s engine to operate in a small range of speeds, but have the ability to produce a wide range of driving speeds. The drive line in a vehicle is directly related to this because it allows for the engine’s torque to be translated into a car’s wheels moving.

With a staff that is continually training and staying up to date with the latest innovations in transmissions and drive lines, Norlang has the unique ability to properly diagnose and solve many of the transmission and drive line problems that drivers may have.


Routine Transmission Care: Improve the Performance & Lifespan of Your Vehicle

Without the proper maintenance of your transmission, your engine will be working harder than it needs to. In addition, it puts your vehicle at risk for breakdowns, creating both an inconvenience, as well as  potentially costing you more in repairs.

Routine transmission care includes such things as…

  • Leak-down testing, checking the internal seal for air pressure leakage
  • Visual inspection for exterior leaks or noise concerns, as well as gaskets and fittings
  • Fluid level check and analysis
  • Filter change
  • Transmission pan cleaning as needed

If you are seeking Transmission Service in Langley, Norlang Auto would be more than happy to help manage your auto care. Call us, or feel free to fill out our online contact form here.