Get Your Car Ready For The Fall Weather – Part 1

fall weather drivingWith the changes in the weather, you need to prepare your car for the new more challenging driving conditions. Remember that colder and wetter road conditions make it more difficult for your tires to maintain their grip. You also need to have your car brakes and fluid levels checked to ensure that your automobile is ready for anything that gets thrown at it by booking your fall weather service with the experts at Norlang Auto in Langley, BC.

Visibility Issues

Fall weather brings darker and rainier driving conditions. Firstly, you should check your wiper blades since they wear down even if they are not used frequently. Few things are more frightening than getting caught in a downpour while driving on a highway with defective wiper blades. Now, it’s the best time to change them in order to get you through fall, winter, spring and summer.

Secondly, have your headlights checked. The majority of headlights are constructed of plastic with a protective coating that when exposed to prolonged periods of sunlight begins to break down causing yellowing or clouding. This can significantly decrease the amount of light provided at night. Research by the AAA has found that the amount of light can decrease to only about 20% after 3 to 5 years, creating hazardous nighttime driving conditions. 

Fluid Levels

In fall the temperatures begin to drop, so you need to make sure that all of your car’s fluids are clean and topped off. It’s important to check the fluids in your car because as temperatures become cooler, fluids also become thicker. Naturally, this means that fluids move more slowly through the engine. What’s more, a fluid such as your engine coolant should be replaced and drained before winter. Because coolant is normally combined with water, it needs to be balanced to make sure that it doesn’t freeze over in the colder months. Also, ensure that the engine oil is suitable for colder fall and winter conditions.


You need to keep your brakes in good condition all-year-round but it’s especially important to have them checked before fall weather brings the potential of rain and slippery roads. A brake inspection will determine if you need to replace rotors and brake pads to ensure your safety. Norlang Auto has the most up to date brake inspection and diagnostic tools available so that an accurate diagnosis of every brake system is performed right the first time.

Contact us before the weather gets colder and wetter to ensure your vehicle is prepared for new driving conditions you will be facing. Call us now at 604-337-1513 or book an appointment online. We can answer all your questions and can conduct a thoroughly professional service of your vehicle in order to ensure that it is performing as it should be.

Visit our blog on September 20th for Part 2 of  “Get Your Car Ready For The Fall Weather”.