Limp Home Mode

If your Sprinter Van goes into Limp Home Mode (LHM), don’t panic.  Your engine and transmission depend on numerous electronic components and sensors so it may be triggered for a variety of reasons.

This mode was basically designed to prevent your van from travelling faster than 65 km/hr.  It is automatically activated to protect your engine when your vehicle’s computer, otherwise known as the Engine Control Unit (ECM) or the ECM engine control module or the power-train control module (PCM), detects a fault in the operation of your engine/drive-train. This system permits you to keep driving at a speed that will limit any damage to your engine or drive-train.

Causes for LHM Activation

When your Sprinter’s turbo boost pressure is abnormal then your ECM may set LHM.  Your turbo boost may leak due to turbo resonator failure (usually there may be a seam crack), splits in the turbo outlet hoses and loose clamps. Furthermore,  the Charge Air Cooler should be checked for cracks even though it is not a common failure. In general, anything that may allow turbo air to leak, or anything that reduces turbo air flow to the manifold can activate the LHM.

The Exhaust Gas Recirculating (EGR) valve can also cause an LHM response.  If the valve is blocked with carbon deposits and needs cleaning or if it is damaged in any way, it can also cause your ECM to activate the LHM.  The Swirl valve actuator can also jam causing your Sprinter to enter LHM.

Another cause for LHM activation can be caused by transmission sensor readings.  LHM is activated by overspeed indications from the internal transmission input speed sensors, engine overspeed or improper gear ratio faults.

We can help

At Norlang Auto, our factory trained technicians have the knowledge, experience and latest factory diagnostics tools to accurately diagnose the reasons why your Sprinter Van has entered LHM.  We will ensure that you do not end up replacing parts unnecessarily and wasting time and money.

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