Sprinter Air/Turbo Intake System

Your Sprinter is one of the best vehicles in its class when considering performance, fuel consumption and handling.  However, if you want it to stay healthy you need to check your Sprinter’s air/turbo intake system regularly since turbo issues are the most common ones you will most likely experience.   At Norlang Auto, our factory trained technician are very well acquainted with these issues and can help you avoid ruining your turbo and reducing the lifespan of your engine.

Likely Symptoms and Problems

Symptoms related to the Sprinter air/turbo intake system issues can range from cases where your Sprinter may not exceed 65 km per hour, turbo lag, loud hissing noises, sudden loss of power when accelerating, the “Check the Engine” amber warning light coming on or even a total engine shutdown.

The air intake hose/tube is a vital component of any diesel engine with a turbo, but it is also quite fragile. Consequently, it is common to experience symptoms of turbo issues even in their first few years of purchasing your Sprinter due to the air intake hose coming loose. When the intake tube is loose, dirt or other material can get sucked in by the turbo mechanism which can end up int the engine’s combustion chambers. If this happens, it can ruin your turbo and significantly reduce the lifespan of your engine.  Beside the air filter, there are also two sensors, the Mass Air Sensor and a pressure sensor, which can also malfunction.

Repair Solutions

When your Sprinter experiences power loss issues or turbo problems, the air-intake, resonators, filters, and sensors are normally what our expert technicians inspect in order to accurately diagnose the problem.  Once the problem is diagnosed, at Norlang Auto, if it is necessary to replace any part, we will only replace them with factory approved parts or parts superior to those produced by the Sprinter factories, in order to keep your Sprinter running problem-free for as long as possible.

We always advise our customers to have their Sprinter Van engine checked regularly to avoid the air-intake hose or the charge air hose, which connects the turbo to the intercooler, coming loose and creating costly repair issues.  For more information about this vital system, please visit or call us at Norlang Auto.

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