Oil Change & Maintenance

It’s Not Just an Oil Change to Us!

The first piece of advice you probably got as a new car owner was “Don’t forget to change your oil.” If you want to protect your vehicle, look after the engine – your car’s most expensive part. It’s as simple as just getting regular oil changes with an inspection. Neglecting to change your oil & oil filter on a regular basis results in your engine losing power and probable premature failure causing expensive repairs. Not to mention, the inconvenience of being left without reliable transportation.

Beyond a Simple Oil & Filter Change

Yes, we can change your oil and filter with warranty-approved parts and fluids. But it goes way beyond that these days! At Norlang Auto, our highly qualified and experienced technicians know how important your vehicle is to you so they provide you with the top-notch service you’d only expect to find at the most exclusive European luxury vehicle dealerships.

We also know you drive farther on an oil change than ever before! You rely on your vehicle and expect more from it than ever! Plus cars are so expensive to replace! That’s why it’s vital that you also get a full Digital inspection. This inspection will help identify any potential failures, create reliability and help maintain the high value of your vehicle!

Norlang’s Full Digital Inspection

It’s not just any inspection! A full digital inspection performed by our licensed techs is designed to keep you up to date with the condition of your high-tech vehicle. 

We offer our customers a Professional Inspection with, documentation, digital pictures or videos of everything important in your car. If we find a problem, you can see it! No guessing! It’s right before your eyes! You have real pictures and videos and you get to decide!

Bring It to the People that Care!

The team at Norlang Auto wants you to know that when you entrust us with your valuable vehicle, you’re not just getting a simple oil change! With 10 full mechanical bays in our auto repair facility and we are your one-stop-shop in Langley for fast, thorough and dependable auto repairs and oil changes. We are conveniently located at 20540-88th Ave Langley and staffed with expert auto technicians who are equipped with the tools and quality parts needed to keep your vehicle running in top condition.

So, before you book your next oil change. Consider who is going to do it right and show you every detail!

Let’s Be Safe Together and Protect Your Investment!

Oil Change with Digital inspections Starting at $69.95*

*Tax and disposal extra.

Call and book yours today!