Porsche Service for Spring @ Norlang Auto – Proudly Partnered with Euro Fix

With spring just moments away, Norlang Auto – who is partnered with Euro Fix, is seeing more and more luxury vehicle owners bring in their vehicles in for servicing. And that includes Porsche service for spring!

We provide some of the best Porsche techs in Langley, without the inflated cost that often comes with high-end dealerships, and we are excited to extend this service to our local community of Porsche owners!

Rev Up Your Essential Porsche Service for Spring

Porsche service for spring

Spring is the perfect season to ensure your luxury sports car is in top-notch condition. With some (hopeful) sunny road trips ahead, ensuring you’re ready to hit the highway with optimal performance and safety matters. Here’s how we can help.

Fluid Check and Change

Although this sounds like a basic service, by checking all essential fluids – including engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid, this sort of maintenance can provide optimal performance.

Tire Inspection and Rotation

Your Porsche’s tires play a crucial role in delivering a smooth and safe driving experience. We are here to help inspect the tread depth, check for any signs of uneven wear, and rotate the tires if needed.

Other important spring maintenance for your Porsche includes:

  • Brake System Maintenance
  • Battery Check
  • Air Filter Replacement
  • Alignment and Suspension Inspection

Also, if your Porsche is equipped with a convertible top, spring is the perfect time to give it some extra care. Be sure to have the top cleaned and conditioned to maintain appearance and functionality.

Ready to give your Porsche the attention it deserves this spring? We can help!

Langley Porsche Service

As mentioned on the Euro Fix Porsche service page

Using our latest technology and highly skilled technicians, Euro Fix can diagnose, replace, repairs any component of your Porsche. We provide air conditioning service, brakes, and oil changes similar to other dealerships but with better prices, and aim to keep your Porsche in its prime condition. We hope you choose us as your expert Porsche technicians and are happy to serve Porsche owners in Langley, New Westminster, Delta, and Surrey.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and experience what we can do for you!