Engine Mechanical Service: How to Know if Your Engine Needs Servicing

Knowing when your vehicle may need an engine mechanical service can be difficult. Norlang Auto is here to offer a little assistance with that!

How to Know if Your Engine Needs Servicing

Without a trained ear or the knowledge-base of a mechanic, knowing which click or clunk or dashboard light your car is showing, can be difficult to diagnose. However, there are a few ways to detect if engine mechanical service is needed. These include:

Check Engine Light

This will, of course, be the first indicator via your dashboard. Sometimes this light comes on due to faulty wiring, but it is something we will be able to diagnose quickly and should be prioritized.

Odd Sounds

From grinding to knocking, odd sounds coming from your engine could be an indicator of engine concerns, or simply indicate the need for an oil change.


An increase in exhaust smoke, or noticeable exhaust smoke in general, can also be an indicator you need your engine looked at.

Additional things to be aware of:

  • Decreased power and fuel efficiency
  • Oil leaks
  • Overheating engine
  • Rough idling or random stalls

Ensuring you keep your oil topped up keep your maintenance schedule up to date, can help guard against engine issues. However, if you notice any of these signs or have concerns about your engine’s performance, bring your vehicle in for servicing.

Engine Mechanical Service in Langley

Engine Mechanical Service

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The engine is the heart of every vehicle. With the demands for more power, better fuel economy and lower emissions engines are far more complex today than even a few years ago. Having the right tools and equipment is critical in getting repairs done accurately and correctly the first time. At Norlang Auto we pride ourselves on just that. Having the right tools and technology to do the job right! From repairing engine mechanical oil leaks, head gaskets to timing belts, chains even extensive engine disassembly for major surgery you can count on Norlang Auto in Langley.

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