Oil Leak Service in Langley: Suspect You Have an Oil Leak? We Can Help!

If you require oil leak service in Langley – Norlang Auto can help. Because, not only can an oil leak be a mess to clean up on your driveway or within your garage; but it can also lead to serious auto concerns if left unaddressed.

Why Should an Oil Leak be Addressed Quickly?

An oil leak in a vehicle should be addressed quickly for several reasons:

  1. Engine damage: Lack of oil can cause damage to the engine as it needs oil to lubricate its moving parts.
  • Environmental harm: Oil leaks can contaminate the soil and harm wildlife.
  • Reduced fuel efficiency: If the oil level is low, it can reduce fuel efficiency and cause the engine to work harder.
  • Costly repairs: Ignoring an oil leak can lead to more serious and costly repairs in the long run.

Therefore, fixing an oil leak as soon as possible is important for the health of your vehicle and the environment.

Oil Leak Service in Langley

There are common reasons your vehicle may be leaking oil. These include:

Leaky Gaskets

Leaky gaskets are the most common cause of engine oil leaks, especially in older vehicles or vehicles with high mileage.

Damaged Drain Plug   

Sometimes due to worn out or misaligned threads or because it is a little loose, oil can leak out.

Faulty Oil Filter

When your oil filter is loose or it is not aligned correctly, you can have an oil leak.

Improperly Fitted Oil Cap

Make sure that your filler cap is properly fitted and not damaged. the pressure of the engine can cause oil to spill from the cap while your engine is running.

As mentioned in our service page

If you suspect that your car has sprung an oil leak because of a brownish or black fluid stain in your parking space, on your driveway or garage floor, get it fixed sooner rather than later.

Which is something we can help with at Norlang Auto Service Centre. Call us at (604) 888-8681 or book an appointment online to book your Oil Leak Service in Langley today!