Norlang Auto Problem Solving & Diagnostics: Helping You Find & Fix the Problem

Sometimes problem solving and diagnostics can be difficult to narrow down. But at Norlang Auto – it is one of many areas we where our expertise plays a big role.

We are here to help you; not only to find a potentially festering auto concern, but to fix it as well!

Norlang Auto Problem Solving & Diagnostics

Problem Solving & Diagnostics

As mentioned on our Problem Solving and Diagnostics page

We always advise our clients not to panic if your “Check Engine” or multi-function indicator light comes on. There are a number of reasons why this may occur, ranging from something as minor – such as a loose gas ca, to something a bit more serious – like an emissions problem.

We have built a reputation on having a “test, don’t guess” attitude when it comes to making an accurate diagnosis of vehicle issues. The technicians at Langley-based Norlang Auto receive ongoing training to ensure that the latest auto problems are caught in the diagnostic and problem solving phase of your vehicle’s life rather than the issue turning into a major repair.

Helping You Find & Fix the Problem

Understanding whether your dash indicator lights are signaling disaster, or potentially just making you aware of the aforementioned loose gas cap, can be difficult for many to uncover. In addition, a vehicle that begins to make odd noises can also be a challenge without a hoist to see what is happening under your vehicle. Having experts on hand to detect a sound, or machinery to diagnose a problem, is a quick and cost-effective solutions.

Often times it requires a mechanic to accurately diagnose mechanical problems, some of the most common being:

  • Suspension and steering
  • Brakes
  • Electrical systems

It’s important to regularly maintain and service your vehicle to help prevent these and other issues from occurring.

Common Causes for Your Check Engine Light to be Activated

Has your ‘check engine’ light recently been activated? This can be due to a variety of reason including:

–       Loose, damaged or a missing gas cap

–       Spark plugs and/or wires

–       Oxygen sensor malfunction

–       Mass Airflow sensor

–       Catalytic Converter concerns

If you need help with problem solving and diagnostics for your vehicle, we would be more than happy to take the time to discuss your concerns – delivering affordable, effective and quick solutions.

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