Our Mercedes Benz Service

Mercedes Benz automobiles have always been synonymous with innovation, power, drivability, safety, and, of course, luxury. Most Mercedes owners are very loyal and dedicated to their vehicles. At Norlang Auto, we know how much you love and would like to protect your vehicles which, in many cases, can be a significant investment. That’s why we provide you with the best Mercedes maintenance and repairs anywhere. We have worked hard to become the Lower Mainland’s Mercedes Benz dealership alternative for quality work you have been able to trust since 1998.

Why We are your Mercedes Dealership Alternative

At Norlang Auto, we have invested time and money to guarantee that we can provide all Mercedes owners with the best possible repairs and maintenance. Our technicians are all extensively trained to deal with any issues your vehicles may encounter. We also have the latest tools and diagnostics equipment to ensure that only necessary repairs are performed. All repairs and scheduled maintenance services are done according to manufacturer’s guidelines in order to satisfy your factory warranty.

Our equipment enables us to communicate with all the electronics systems of your vehicles in order to conduct dynamic pinpoint Factory Authorized testing and diagnosis. We are also directly linked to Mercedes Benz online to receive the same factory software updates as authorized dealerships. Consequently, we are able to code the OEM systems, including computers and modules, which you would normally do at an authorized dealer. At Norlang Auto, we can provide you with the best possible service to keep these impressive vehicles running like new but the best part is that we can do this at significantly more affordable prices than your local Mercedes Benz dealership.

Mercedes Benz Services

According to Mercedes in order to maintain your vehicle’s safety and operational reliability, you need to conduct the scheduled maintenance services.  There are two types of maintenance services for your vehicle. The first is the “basic” A-Service and the second is the “extended” B-Service. The first A-Service normally at 25,000 kilometers or 1 year then every 50,000 kilometers or 2 years. The first B-Service at 50,000 kilometers or 2 years then every 50,000 kilometers or 2 years. At Norlang Auto, we perform the tasks listed in detail for each service in your maintenance booklet to ensure your vehicle’s performance is maintained and that you save time and money in the long-run. In addition, we perform customized recommended services for our severe BC weather. Naturally, we only use genuine OEM parts and Mercedes-Benz-authorized fluids to make sure that your factory warranty is kept current.

For more information about what Norlang Auto can do for your Mercedes Benz, you can call us at 604-337-1515 or book an appointment online now.