Environmental Responsibility

Norlang Auto cares about the environment and the impact that we make in the community by committing  to be a “Green Garage”. We take our commitment very seriously. We recycle everything we possibly can. First all products required by law, and then every item and product we can to make a difference. Making this every effort to leave behind the smallest carbon footprint on a  daily basis has us recycling everything from your automobile which can include: All vehicle oils , antifreeze, filters, batteries, radiators, tires and metals.

In our facility we recycle all cleaning fluids, floor dry, rags, uniform washing, paper, cardboard and fluid containers of all types.

Our community is important to us and we want to ensure that the next generation of drivers in Langley and the surrounding area are able to enjoy the environment like we are able to. The next time you need to pick a service facility, you can be assured we have your family in mind!