Auto Repair and Maintenance Services


Fleet Service in the Fraser Valley: Why Choose Norlang Auto

Norlang Auto is proud to offer fleet service in the Fraser Valley. We understand the needs of both our community, and the businesses that require reliable vehicles to conduct their services. Without reliable and well-maintained fleet vehicles, it can literally stall your business – putting employees on a paid standstill

Spring Auto Maintenance in Langley

Seeking spring auto maintenance in Langley? Norlang Auto can help with that! As mentioned on our Norlang Auto Repair Langley page Norlang Auto has been proudly serving Langley and the Lower Mainland as a dealership alternative auto repair centre for both domestic and imported automobiles since 1998.  Our dedicated service advisor

Langley Auto Care: Better Prevent Repairs with Car Maintenance

As a Langley auto care facility, Norlang Auto is well-versed in preventing repairs and prolonging a vehicle’s lifespan with regular car maintenance. In addition, following a vehicle’s maintenance schedule can ensure your warranty is maintained, as well as improve your car’s resale value with paperwork to back it up. So

Why Choosing a Local Auto Service in Langley Can Benefit You

Seeking a local auto service in Langley? There are many benefits to choosing a small business that represents your local community. Not only does it keep the economy running – it also keeps your vehicle running via a company that cares. Where big businesses tend to have to appease their

Experiencing Issues With Your Air Suspension?

Today, more and more cars and trucks are equipped with air suspension systems which provide us with a more comfortable ride, better handling and superior weight management, especially if we drive an SUV or truck. Even though air suspensions are a premium feature of European and Domestic luxury vehicles, they

BMW Timing Chain Issues

Has your BMW started to make unusual rattling or clanking engine noises? Have you noticed heavy vibrations from the location of the timing chain? Has your “Check Engine Light” been activated? If so, you need to take it immediately to qualified and experienced BMW technicians like Norlang Auto who can

Can Your Car Battery Handle Cold Weather?

Does your car battery lose its power when temperatures begin to drop? Does your car struggle to start or stall halfway to your destination? Chemical Processes Inside Your Car Battery Normally, we don’t have noticeable issues with our car batteries in warmer weather since the heat speeds up the chemical