Maintenance & Lubrication

Auto Maintenance & Lubrication

auto maintenance lubricationThe biggest benefit of maintenance on any vehicle, is that the vehicle will have a longer, more reliable, and safer lifespan. Norlang Auto and the team of technicians that work in the shop are committed to providing the best service for its customers and their vehicles by providing proper auto maintenance and lubrication for all Domestic and Import vehicles. Providing only top quality products meeting or exceeding all of today’s manufactures specifications and warranties!

The quality of the products that are used in auto maintenance, whether they be the oil that is used or a timing belt that is replaced, is critical to ensuring vehicle reliability. Norlang only uses the highest quality products that meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements. This is not only good for the current running of the vehicle, but it is also beneficial for the resale value of the vehicle.

We have 10 full mechanical bays and we are your one stop shop for Langley auto repair or oil & lube maintenance. Call us or make an appointment today for your auto maintenance needs, we’ll aim for you to be a customer for life!

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