Audi Repair & Maintenance

Audi Repair & Maintenance

Audi Repair & MaintenanceAll vehicles require proper maintenance so that they can have a long life span and run at peak performance. Our experienced team of technicians at Norlang are equipped with the latest technology to properly diagnose and maintain your Audi. Combined with the technology that we use are the years of experience that our team has and a motto “test, don’t guess”. We have serviced countless Audi’s and believe that we are the best shop in the lower mainland for your Audi repair.

Audis are built for performance, style, and quality. Our team is able to provide the maintenance and repair work to ensure that your Audi stays at the highest performance level possible. We encourage regular maintenance so that pricey repairs can be avoided.

Every Audi vehicle has a maintenance interval that should be followed closely in order to ensure peak performance. There are three main interval services that are performed on an Audi but we recommend that you consult one of our trained staff members who can provide you with specific information about your Audi needs.

Our Experienced Technicians Can Perform The Following Services On Your Audi:

Premium AUDI MAINTENANCE without the Price!

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Audi Service Special w/Oil & Filter Change Starting at $89.99

Audi “A Service Inspection” Synthetic Oil & Filter Change – $129.99 (compare to dealer $199 and up)

Includes – Up to 6 Litres of Synthetic Oil*, Oil Filter, Tire Pressure Adjustment, Fluids Top-Off, Filter, & Reset Indicator Light. Includes Audi Multi-point Inspection

(We only use premium Audi/VW factory approved fluids& filters in your vehicle)

Call us today to schedule an appointment and experience what we can do for you!

Photo Credit: Audi by Josh Sniffen, used under CC BY 2.0

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